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Teaching of English as a Second Language

Terms of Reference


The Commission at its 837th meeting held on 03/11/2011 having considered the memo on Terms of Reference of the Standing Committee on the Teaching of English decided to recast the purpose and the functions of the Standing Committee.

Accordingly, the Standing Committee on the Teaching of English at its 65th meeting held on 18th July 2012 having discussed the Terms of Reference of the Standing Committee and recommended the same for the approval of the Commission.


To provide a consultative forum for deliberations on matters related to learning, teaching, research and staffing in the universities of Sri Lanka, with particular reference to the requirements of the teaching of English Language as a second language for undergraduates and make recommendations to the Commission for consideration and approval, if required.

Accordingly, the name of the Standing Committee is changed as “Standing Committee on Teaching of English as a Second Language”.


  • Initiate actions on policy directives issued by the UGC/ Ministry of Higher Education from time to time and take steps to implement prescribed initiatives, programmes and activities at university/campus/institute level.
  • Evaluate proposals submitted by Universities/Institutes with respect to curricular reforms and curricular for Teaching Programme for English as a second language for undergraduate
  • Assist in the formulation and dissemination of policies, practise and procedures
  • Frame guidelines for teaching programme for English as a second  language to  undergraduate degree programmes, namely,
    1. Ways and means of evaluating need and demand,
    2. Determine relevant competencies in English language & communication skills in demand (as assessed through market surveys) and recommend the credit & University Test Of English Language benchmark (UTEL) for teaching English as a second language specific to the respective study programmes.
    3. Scope & structure of the teaching & training programme, (English for Specific Purpose - ESP )specific for the respective study programmes (suited for requirements of each Faculty)
    4. Courses and intended learning outcomes, and contents for course modules and
    5. Assessment & Evaluation procedures


I.  Member of UGC, nominated by Chair, UGC (as the Chairperson)

II.  Secretary to Standing Committee, nominated by UGC

III. Heads of English Language Teaching Units/Centers (ELTUs/ELTCs)

IV. Three to four members of Senior Academic Staff with expertise in the discipline of teaching of English, appointed by the UGC

V. Director/PGIE


Note : Chairperson in concurrence with the membership may invite any other person as and when required to obtain views, opinions and advice on matters of importance placed before the Standing Committee.


Members Information

Membership Name Designation Institute
Chairman Dr. Wickrema Weerasooriya Commission Member
Secretary Mrs. Janadari Wijesinghe Senior Assistant Secretary/Academic Affairs University Grants Commission
Dr. H Ratwatte Director Postgraduate Institute of English
Mrs. Shivanee Ilangakoon Co-ordinator/ELTU University of Colombo
Mr. M Salgadu Head/ELTU University of Peradeniya
Ms. Mahishi Ranaweera Head/ELTU University of Kelaniya
Mr. Susantha Hewa Rep. of Head/ELTC University of Moratuwa
Ms. Madhubhashini Ratnayake Head/ELTU University of Sri Jayawardenapura
Mr. A Rasakumaran Head/ELTC University of Jaffna
Mr. AJT Hettiarachchi Head/ELTU University of Ruhuna
Dr. J Kennedy Co-ordinator/ELTU Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Mr. RM Dhanapala Head/ELTU Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Mr. Rohan Abeywickrama Head/ELTD Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Dr. AMM Navaaz Head/ELTU South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Mr. EMHJ Edirisinghe Co-ordinator/English Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
Dr. G Jayaseelan Head/ELTU Vavuniya Campus
Ms. S Embogama Actg. Head/ELTU University of the Visual & Performing Arts
Dr. Dinali Devendra Head/Department of Language Studies (UGC Nominee) Open University of Sri Lanka

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