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Tree planting ceremony at UGC on 20 October 2014

A tree planting ceremony held in the UGC on 20th October 2014 in line with the inauguration of the Sixth phase of the Divi Neguma National Programme countrywide.


Workshop on Examination Procedures for the Academic Staff

Chairman addressing the gathering on the objectives and expected outcome from University Academics held on 08th August 2015 at the work shop on “Examination Procedures for the Academic Staff” of the GWAI & Institute of Indigenous Medicine.




Launching of Quality Assurance System for External Degrees on 08 August 2014

University Grants Commission with the collaboration of HETC project launched the Manual for Quality Assurance of External degree Programs and Extension Courses offered by Universities (QA-EDP Manual),Manual of practices Standards and Guidelines for External Training Institutions ( State and Non State)(QA –ETI Manual). The official launch was held at the Hotel Galadari on 08th August 2014 with the initiative of Chairperson of University Grants Commission and with the participation of Vice chancellors of Universities, Directors and Coordinators of external degrees and extension courses.

The Quality Assurance system for EDP’s (QA_EDP) approved and implemented by the UGC_ Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC) covers two institutions, namely the EDP Centers of conventional universities, and external training institutions (ETI)(State and non -state),which provide instructional training for registered students. Corresponding to the two institutions, two manuals have been developed by the HETC for adoption by respective institutions and approval by the UGC for distribution to universities and ETIs.

These two manuals aim to provide guidance for the universities and ETIS to promote institutionalization of good practices and standards as a means of improving quality and relevance of EDPs. The manuals will be used by UGC-QAAC from 2014 for review and accreditation of EDP programs offered by degree awarding universities and ETIs offering instructional training for students registered for EDPs offered by the universities.


Opening of the launching ceremony

Prof. H Abeygunawardena, UGC Member, addressing the gathering

Chairperson, UGC addressing the gathering

Prof. H Abeygunawardena handing over the manuals to Chairperson, UGC

Chairperson, UGC distributing the manuals to universities

Participants of the event


Workshop to share the experiences on quality assurance activities in universities

The University Grants Commission has organized this workshop to share among universities the experiences of Quality Assurance activities with the objective of enhancing the quality of university education successfully held on 18th of July, 2014 at the Auditorium of the University Grants Commission.

Participants of the workshop are Chairperson, Vice Chairman, Members of the University Grants Commission, all Vice Chancellors of Universities, Vice Chancellor of Kotelawala Defence University, CEO of a few Higher Educational Institutes, Chairmans and Secretaries of the Internal Quality Assurance Units of Universities and some junior academics working on Quality Assurance works in universities.

The workshop will address on the following themes:

1. Role of the UGC in improving Quality of Higher Education
2. Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework and its Application in Higher Education
3. Role of Academics in Quality Assurance
4. Change of Attitudes in university students
5. Guidelines for Internal QA in universities
6. Integrating Internal QA and External QA


Welcome and Opening Remarks by
Professor Kshanika Hirimburegama
Chairperson, University Grants Commission

Role of the UGC in Improving Quality of Higher Education by
Professor Ranjith Senaratne
Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission

Sri Lanka Qualification Framework and its Application in Higher Education by
Professor Colin N Peiris
Acting Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council, UGC

Integrating Internal QA and External QA by
Professor Uma Coomaraswamy
Former Vice Chancellor, Open University of Sri Lanka

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