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Training Programme for Training Career Guidance Unit Staff of the State Universities on Three Modules Introduced in the UGC Circular No: 934 of October 21, 2010 held on 25th 26th and 27th November 2014 at the Hotel Janaki Colombo

The Standing Committee on Career Guidance of the University Grants Commission, noted that Career Guidance Directors and Career Advisors should be conversant with modules mentioned in UGC Circular 934 in order to implement same in universities. Based on recent reviews of Career Guidance Units, it was identified that universities did not implement the modules in giving the necessary training to students due to lack of knowledge on the content specified in the modules in the aforesaid Circular. Therefore, the Standing Committee on Career Guidance successfully conducted a training programme for trainers, particularly on the modules offered on Career Guidance and Career Development for a period of three days covering those aspects.

50 participants including Directors of Career Guidance, Career Guidance Counsellors and Career Guidance Advisors and Faculty Coordinators of each University attached to the Career Guidance Units of the Universities participated at the Training programme held on 25th 26th and 27th November 2014 at the Hotel Janaki Colombo.


Address by the Prof. H Abeygunawardena, Member/UGC, Chairman/ Standing Committee on Career Guidance/UGC



Address the gathering by Dr. BMK Perera, University of Peradeniya


Address the gathering by Dr. Aruna Shantha, University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Address the gathering by Mr. Gamini Hettiarachchi, Ministry of Public Management Reforms


Address the gathering by Mrs. Carmeline Jayasuriya, John Keells Foundation


ASAIHL International Conference 2013 on 5 & 6 December 2013

ASAIHL 2013 International Conference under the theme of "Education for All : Prospects and Challenges" organized by the Associaltion of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) and the UGC in collaboration with the University of Kelaniya and the University of Colombo was held in Colombo on 5th and 6th December, 2013. The Conference was attended by over 150 including the researchers from abroad and a galaxy of high profile dons. 

The Conference was graced by the Hon. S.B. Dissnayake, Minister of Higher Education and the Hon. Prof. G.L. Peiris, Minister of External Affairs Sri Lanka was also a keynote speaker.

In addition to the Keynote Speech made by Prof. D. Wijesekara, presentation of selected papers and invited Speeches by learning personalities were made. 





The Commonwealth of the Future, Conference on 26 November 2013

The UGC jointly with the MoHE organized a Conference on 26.11.2014 at Taj Samudra Hotrel with a view to drawing up  recommendations for consideration by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa the Chairperson-in-Office of the Commonwealth of Nations in formulating  its agenda and action plan for the next two years. The Conference was attended by over 250 including the  Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors and a galaxy of high profile dons.

The Conference comprised plenary and brainstorming sessions; it  culminated in  interim recommendations which were submitted to His Excellency the President by Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama, Chairperson of the UGC. Hon. S.B. Dissanayake felicitated His Excellency the President by presenting a memento.


Distinguished guests lighting the oil lamp


 Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama Chairperson, UGC delivering the welcome address


 Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Vice Chairman, UGC delivering the opening remarks


 Prof GL Peiris Hon Minister of External Affairs delivering his address


 Dr PB Jayasundara Secretary, Ministry of  Finance and Planning delivering his speech


 Ms. Jeeva Niriella Head, Dept. of Public & International Law delivering her presentation


  Highlights of the conference


 Group discussions


  Vote of thanks by Mr Tissa Nandasena, Secretary, UGC
























Floriculture Clinic, Exhibition & Workshop on 25 October 2013

A Floriculture Clinic, Exhibition & Workshop was held on 25 October 2013 at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 07 under the distinguished patronage of the First Lady Shiranthi Wickremasinghe Rajapaksa. It was organized by the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (AVMAS), University Grants Commission jointly with Mike Flora (Pvt.) Ltd. The objectives of the above workshop were

1. To identify policy issues and institutional, technological and infrastructural constraints relating to the strengthening and expansion of the floriculture industry to meet domestic and export       market needs

2. To identify high priority research concerns in floriculture as an export industry

3.To develop synergistic partnerships between academia and relevant public and private sector institutions at home and abroad to develop a robust and competitive floriculture industry

4. To provide a platform for the growers, traders, entrepreneurs and the like to showcase their novel and innovative varieties, products and services

5. To formulate strategies and pragmatic recommendations to overcome the issues and constraints referred to above for submission to relevant ministries and institutions for implementation. 

Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama, Chairperson, UGC  welcoming the chief guest

Chief guest, madam shiranthi wickramasinghe rajapaksa lighting the oil lamp

Mr. (Law student) & Miss Spundrika Subasinghe (First year science student) of Univ. of Colombo compering at the conference

Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama delivering the welcome address

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, vice chairman, UGC delivering the opening remarks

Dr. W.W. Gamage, Secretary, ministry of Botanical Gradens and Public Recreation delivering his address

Some highlights of the inaugaral session of the workshop

Chief guest opening the exhibition

Dr. DSA Wijesundara, Director General, Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya delivering his presentation on Recent Technological Advances and Emerging Trends in Floriculture

Prof. Sriyani Peiris, Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya delivering her presentation on Research & Development and Innovations for Improved Competitiveness and Demand

Mrs. Ramya Weerakoon, Chairperson, Ramya Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd., delivering her presentation on Floriculture as a Source of Employment and Business for Women

Prof. S. Subasinghe, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna and Mr. Mihindu Keerthiratne, Managing Director, Mike Flora (Pvt.) Ltd. Devlering their presentation on Public Private Partnerships for a Robust and Competitive Floriculture Industry

Mr. Rizvi Zaheed, Managing Director, Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited delivering his speech on Domistic and International Trade and Marketing for Greater Profits and Market Share

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne delivering the concluding remarks and way forward

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