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21 Joint ICTP/IAES Workshop on radiation effects in nuclear waste forms and their consequences for storage and disposal [Closing Date : 07.06.2016]
22 Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on High Sensitive 2D and 3D Characterisation and Imaging with Lon Beams
23 8th ICTP Workshop on the Theory and use of Regional Climate Models
24 College on Medical Physics Enhancing the Role of Physicists in Clinical Medical Imaging: Procedure Optimization, Quality Assurance, Risk Management and Training
25 Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Internal Dosimetry for Medical Physicists Specializing in Nuclear Medicine
26 ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Environmental Mapping Mobilising Trust in measurements and Engaging Scientific Citizenry 15 August-2 September 2016 ICTP, Miramare-Trieste, Italy
27 Courses offered by the Azerbaijani Medical University for the Academic Year 2016 - 2017
28 Conference on New Trends in Quantum Heat Thermoelectrics 22-26 August 2016 ICTP. Miramare-Trieste, Italy
29 Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on “Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Experiment, Theory and Evaluation” August 22- September 2, 2016 Miramare, Trieste Italy
30 Workshop on Theory and Practice of Adiabatic Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulation (22-26 August 2016) Miramare-Trieste, Italy
31 Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Physics and Technology of Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainable Development 29 August- 2 September 2016 ICTP, Miramare-Trieste, Italy
32 Thermal Treatment for Disinfestations of Fruit Flies
33 New Zealand Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarships 2016
34 Khazar University International Scholarship Programme
35 Postgraduate Scholarships under the Chinese Government Scholarships programme – 2016
36 Advanced School and Workshop on Module Spaces, Mirror Symmetry and Enumerative Geometry
37 School on Algebraic, Geometric and Probabilistic Aspect of Dynamical Systems and Control Theory
38 Conference on Long-Range Interacting Many-Body Systems
39 Workshop on Perspectives on the Extragalactic Frontier
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