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Dr. Wickrema Weerasooriya

Dr_wickrema Dr. Wickrema Weerasooria is a lawyer and a well known legal academic. With an excellent academic record at Royal College, winning coveted prizes in General and Western Classics, Dr. Weerasooria excelled in Law obtaining First Class Honours at the University of Ceylon and at the Ceylon Law College passing out First in order of Merit and winning the prize for Best Performance and the Law of Evidence. Thereafter, he obtained his PhD from the London School of Economics. He practiced law in Sri Lanka and then opted for an Academic career teaching both in Sri Lanka and in Australia as an Associate Professor in Law at the prestigious Monash University.
Dr. Weerasooria also held senior public sector posts in Sri Lanka as Secretary, Ministry of Plan Implementation, Acting Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Consultant, Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Tertiary Education. He also served as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific countries.

Dr. Weerasooria is the Author of over twenty Australian and Sri Lankan textbooks. His Australian text on Banking law is today considered as the definitive text on the subject. Now in its 6th edition it is titled as “Weerasooria’s Banking Law of Australia”.

Currently Dr. Weerasooria functions as Sri Lanka’s Insurance Ombudsman and he is also an Advisor to the President.


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