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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

Commission Circular No: 909

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12 March, 2009.

Vice-Chancellors of Universities
Rectors of Campuses
Directors of Institutes



Your kind attention is invited to Commission Circular No. 894 dated 05. 09. 2007 on the above subject.

The Director General of the Department of Management services by his letter No. DMS/E1/54/7/313/2 of 29th July 2008 has approved to grant increments to employees who are stagnated on the maximum step of the following salary scales subject to the conditions specified below:

1. Academic Staff

U-AC 3(1) Senior lecturer Grade I/Associate Professor who has spent one
& year on the maximum of the salary scale of U-AC 3 (1)
U-AC 4 (i.e. Rs. 48,250/-)/U-AC 4 (i.e. Rs. 56,750/-) and have obtained the minimum marks for three sections as indicated below:



Senior Lecturer Gr. I

Associate Professor


Contribution to teaching and




Academic Development




Research and Creative work




Dissemination knowledge and Contribution to University and National Development



Minimum Total Marks



The above members of staff applying for stagnation credit should be evaluated in terms of Commission Circular No. 723 of 12. 12. 1997 upto 30. 11. 2009 and thereafter under Commission Circular No. 869 of 30. 11. 2005.

2. Senior Asst. Librarian Gr. I/Deputy Librarian

The same criteria specified for academic staff should be made applicable for granting of increments on stagnation for the holders of the posts of Senior Asst. Librarian Gr. I and Deputy Librarian in the University System.

3. Non Academic Staff

U-MO 1(1)

Employee who has spent one year on the maximum step of U-MO 1 (1) salary scale (i.e Rs. 49,505/-)

U-AS 1 (II)

Employee who has spent one year on the maximum step of U-AS 1 (II) salary scale (i.e Rs. 25,115/-)

U-EX 2 (I)

Employee who has spent one year on the maximum step of U-EX 2 (1) salary scale (i.e Rs. 54,705/-)

U-EX 1 (IV)

Employee who has spent one year on the maximum step of U-EX 1 (IV) salary scale (i.e Rs. 45,620/-)

U-MT 1 (I)

Employee who spent one year on the maximum step of U-MT 1 (I) salary scale (i.e Rs. 24,650/-)

U-MN 1 (I)

Employee who has spent one year on the maximum step of U-MN 1 (I) salary scale (i.e Rs. 23,940/-)

The funds required for this purpose should be within the budgetary allocations of the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes concerned.

The provisions of this circular should be effective from 01. 01. 2008.

Please take action accordingly.




( Prof. Gamini Samaranayake )

Copies to:

  1. Chairman’s Office/UGC
  2. Vice-Chairman/UGC
  3. Members of the UGC
  4. Secretary/UGC
  5. Deans of Faculties
  6. Registrars of Universities
  7. Financial Controller/UGC
  8. Bursars of Universities
  9. Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes
  10. Deputy Registrars/Snr. Asst. Registrars/Asst. Bursars of Campuses/Institutes
  11. Deputy Bursars/Snr. Asst. Bursars/Asst. Bursars of Campuses/Institutes
  12. Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
  13. Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
  14. Snr. Asst. Int. Auditors/Asst. Int. Auditors of HEII
  15. Secretaries of Trade Unions
  16. Auditor-General

File No. UGC/HR/6/2/14

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