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1 Estab. Circular No. 11/2023: Adoption of Public Administration Circular No.25/2023 - Commencement of Work, Year-2024
2 Estab. Circular No. 10/2023: Determining the salary applicable when appointing an Ex-serviceman to the University System
3 Estab. Circular No. 09/2023: Recruitment for the Posts of Registrar and Bursar
4 Estab. Circular No. 08/2023: Revised Establishments code of the University Grants Commission and the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes
5 Estab. Circular No. 09/2022 (II): Granting Leave with No Pay to be spent in out of the Island to officers in State Owned Enterprises without causing any Prejudice to the Seniority
6 Estab. Circular No. 09/2022 (i): Adoption of Public Enterprises Circular No. PED 05/2022 (i) "Granting leave with no pay to be spent in out of the island to officers in state owned enterprises without causing any prejudice to the seniority"
7 Estab. Circular Letter No. 07/2023: Adoption of Public Administration Circular No 02/2021(VIII) "Maintaining the Public Service under Normalcy"
8 Estab. Circular No. 06/2023: Adoption of Public Administration Circular No. 07/2023 "Providing relief to the public officers entitled to political rights who have submitted nominations for the Local Government Election 2023"
9 Estab. Circular No. 01/2023(i): Adoption of Public administration circular No. 31/2022(i) Special Advance for Public Officers - 2023
10 Estab. Circular No. 05/2023: Granting of Special Leave during the Ramalan (Ramazan) Season 2023
11 Estab. Circular Letter No. 04/2023 : Adoption of Public Administration Circulars - List of Names of Disciplinary Inquiry Officers under Sub Section 19:5, Chapter XLVIII, Volume II of the Establishments Code
12 Estab. Circular No. 03/2023 : 75th Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony - 2023
13 Estab. Circular No. 02/2023:Adoption of Public Administration Circular 02/2021(VII)
14 Estab. Circular No. 01/2023 : Adoption of Public Administration Circular 31/2022 - Special Advance for public Officers - Year 2023