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Admissions of Sri Lankan students to South Asian University, academic year 2013-14

Sri Lankan candidates namely

•  Mr Rizwan Sulaima Lebbe (MSc. Biotechnology),
•  Ms Ginihaluge Sanjeewani Gunawardena (MSc. Biotechnology),
•  Mr M.G.L. Mahesh Premarathna (MA, Sociology),
•  Ms Samudika De Silva (MA, Sociology),
•  Mr Jean Brenda Soundaralingam (MSc. Computer Science),
•  Ms Manodhya Kumari Wanigapura (MSc. Computer Science),
•  Mr Sathiskumar Shanmugam (MA, Development Economics)

have been selected for admission at South Asian University, New Delhi Academic Session in 2013/14. However, according to the South Asian University confirmation of admission will be made to them once they deposit the required admission and tuition fee.

We wish them good luck in all their future endeavors.