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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

Finance Circular Letter No. 7/2008

7th July, 2008

Vice-Chancellors  of Universities,
Directors of Institutes,
Rectors of Campuses.




The Cabinet of Ministers at its meeting held on the 14th May, 2008 has noted that there is a tendency for some Ministries and Departments to arrange for foreign financing, either by way of grants or commercial transactions, for their proposed projects and programmes without going through the proper channels.  The Cabinet has also noted that there have been instances where even agreements with foreign parties have been signed without formal Government approval.  Therefore Cabinet has decided to inform all ministries and other Government funded organizations that no negotiations or agreements should be reached with any foreign party without the concurrence of the Department of External Resources or the approval of the Cabinet as the case may be.

You are kindly requested to comply with the above Cabinet decision.


Prof. S. V. D. G. Samaranayake



  1. Secretary to the President
  2. Secretary to the Prime Minister
  3. Secretary to the Treasury
  4. Secretary/Ministry of Higher Education
  5. Director/Department of External Resources
  6. Chairman/UGC
  7. Vice-Chairman/UGC
  8. Secretary/UGC
  9. Financial Controller
  10. Director/IDD/UGC
  11. Registrars of Universities
  12. Bursars of Universities
  13. SAR/AR/ of Institutes/Campuses
  14. SAB/AB/ of Institutes/Campuses
  15. Accountant/UGC
  16. Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
  17. Snr. Asst. Accountant/UGC
  18. Snr. Asst. Secretary/Supplies & Administration/UGC
  19. Auditor General
  20. Govt. Audit Superintendent/UGC
  21. Govt. Audit Superintendent/Universities