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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Commission Circular No: 885

01st December, 2006.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.




Your kind attention is drawn to Commission Circular Nos. 719, 759, 860 and Establishments Circular Letter No. 9/2004 dated 17.10.1997, 05.04.2000, 21.03.2005 and 13.10.2004 respectively on Granting of Maternity Leave and Nursing Intervals for Female Employees in the University System.

2. The University Grants Commission at its 722nd meeting held on 09th November, 2006 having considered the instructions given by Circular No. PED/40 dated 27th September, 2006 of the Department of Public Enterprises decided to withdraw Commission Circular No.860 and to re-implement the provisions of Commission Circular Nos. 719, 759 and Establishments Circular Letter No. 09/2004, without prejudice to any action taken so far under Commission Circular No. 860.

3. This Commission Circular will come into force with immediate effect.

4. Please take action accordingly.


(Prof. Gamini Samaranayake)


Copies to:

1. Vice-Chairman/UGC
2. Members of the UGC
3. Secretary/UGC
4. Deans of Faculties
5 Registrars of Universities
6. Financial Controller/UGC
7. Bursars of Universities
8. Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Educational Institutions/ Institutes.
9. Deputy Registrars/ Snr. Asst. Registrars/ Asst. Registrars of Campuses/Institutes
10. Deputy Bursars/ Snr. Asst. Bursars/Asst. Bursars of Campuses/Institutes
11. Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
12. Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
13. Snr. Asst. Int. Auditors/Asst. Int. Auditors of HEIs
14. Secretaries of Trade Unions
15. Auditor-General


File No. UGC/HR/6/10/12