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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

Commission Circular No: 165

6th April, 1982.



At its 107th Meeting held on 4th and 5th March 1982 the Commission approved the annexed schemes of recruitment for the academic staff after having considered the representations made by the Higher Educational Institutions in this regard.

These schemes of recruitment will come into effect from April 15, 1982 and will replace all previous schemes of recruitment approved in respect of the academic posts concerned.

By paragraph 9 of Commission circular No. 148 of November 18, 1981 1 (pertaining to the salary revision of July 1981), the Higher Educational Institutions were requested to withhold promotions to the grades of associate Professor and Professor, grad II pending a revision of the schemes of promotion to these grades. In approving the annexed schemes of recruitment, the commission decided to authorize the Higher Educational Institutions to consider applications for such promotions in terms of these schemes of recruitment. The Commission also made the following decisions in regard to such promotions:-

•  that the marking scheme applicable to merit promotions be revised and until that was done, only articles published in recognized journals, books and monographs should be taken into account in evaluating applications for merit promotions; and

•  that where an application for merit promotion submitted by any teacher has been rejected, no fresh application should be entertained from the same teacher within a period of two years reckoned from the date of such rejection.

Additional copies of the schemes of recruitment for other use of your Institution/Institute are Annexed.

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