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Commission Circular No: 749

06th August, 1999.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.



On the basis of the decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers at its meeting held on 12th May 1999 in relation to the above subject, this Circular is issued for implementation by the Higher Educational Institutions:-

(I)The Higher Educational Institutions are informed to take steps to confirm all the employees of non-academic staff recruited to posts coming under A-OS to A-IS salary codes attached to their institutions as at 31st July 1999 on casual contract and relief basis in their posts provided they satisfy the following conditions with effect from 1st August 1999.

The employee has served a period of at least one year and has worked at least 180 days during the year ended 31st July 1999.
Work and conduct have been found to be satisfactory and no disciplinary action had been taken or is pending.

Contract employees who serve in self-funded special projects (which have a definite project period) are not covered by this Circular. The employees recruited on casual and contract basis to the Open University of Sri Lanka with the approval of the Ministry of Policy Planning and Implementation under a special scheme and paid out of tuition fees are also included in the self-funded project category.

(II)Steps should be taken to absorb those qualified under (I) above into the existing vacancies . When calculating the number of existing vacancies available, the employees recruited in terms of Commission Circular No. 698 dated 31st January1997 on contract basis should be considered as those filling vacancies in the permanent cadre.

In the absence of vacancies the qualified employees should be confirmed in the posts on supernumerary basis. If they do not satisfy the educational and other requirements stipulated in the relevant scheme of recruitment, such employees should be confirmed in the post on personal to the holder basis. Those appointed on supernumerary basis should be eventually absorbed into the permanent cadre when vacancies occur. No new appointments should be made until these employees are absorbed into the permanent cadre.

(III) Higher Educational Institutions are hereby informed that in future no recruitment of personnel should be made on casual or relief basis and no extension of service should be given to those who do not qualify for confirmation as stipulated in para (I) of this Circular.

Where there is a vacancy in the A-OS to A-IS category in the approved cadre of the institution concerned, it may be filled on a permanent or contract basis following the procedure in Commission Circular No.698 of 31.01.1997 and those employed on contract basis (against a cadre vacancy) may be made permanent after 8 periods of satisfactory service as a contract employee.

Where there is an adequate justification for an additional worker for a short period because of some urgent or special work a person may be employed on a fixed term contract of three (03) months with the approval of the governing authority. Under no circumstances should the services of such a contract employee exceed five months. Contract employees should not be used to perform work of a regular nature.

The UGC will be monitoring on a regular basis the adherence of Higher Educational Institutions to the guideline set out in this section.

(Prof. S. Tilakaratna- Chairman )


  • Chairman/UGC
  • Vice-Chairman/UGC
  • Members of the UGC
  • Secretary/UGC
  • Deans of Falculties
  • Registrars of Universites
  • Financial Controller/UGC
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  • Snr. Asst.Registrars/Asst.Registrars of HEIs/Campuses
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  • Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
  • Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
  • Snr. Asst.Int. Auditors/Asst.Int.Auditors of HEIs
  • Secretaries of Trade Unions
  • Auditor-General

File No. UGC/HR/3/9/8