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Circulars Published in 2022 [01/2022 and above]

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1 Commission Circular No. 17/2022 : Scheme of recruitment for the Post of Audit Assistant
2 Commission Circular No. 16/2022 : Three months leave for Vice Chancellors who complete a full term of office
3 Commission Circular No. 15/2022 : Schemes of Recruitment for the Posts of Deputy Secretary/Deputy Registrar and Deputy Accountant/Deputy Bursar/Deputy Internal Auditor
4 Commission Circular No. 14/2022 : Open and Equitable Access Policy for All Students in Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes
5 Commission Circular No. 13/2022 : Retirement Age of the Employees other than Teachers in the University system
6 Commission Circular No. 12/2022 :Selection of the Commercial Partners by Research and innovation teams at universities and Start-up AHEAD
7 Commission Circular No. 11/2022 : Granting No-Pay Leave for employees to serve in a Post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Sri Lanka Missions abroad or to join with the Spouse of a Government/Semi-Government Employee who has been posted to ..
8 Commission Circular No. 10/2022 : Appointment of the Post of Director of an Institute
9 Commission Circular No. 09/2022 : Provision for Depreciation of Fixed Assets
10 Commission Circular No. 08/2022 : Amendments to the schemes of recruitment for the Posts of Senior Lecturer Grade II and Grade I - (Medical/Dental)
11 Commission Circular No. 18/2016 (i):Study Leaves to Teachers
12 Commission Circular No. 07/2022:Retirement Age of the Employees other than Teachers in the University System
13 Commission Circular No. 06/2022 :Composition of the selection committee for the Post of Senior Professor
14 Commission Circular No. 05/2022 : Schemes of Recruitment for the Post of Technical Office(ICT), Technical Officer(Civil), Technical Officer(Electrical), Technical Officer(Mechanical), Technical Officer(Chemical) and Technical Officer(Audio Visual)
15 Commission Circular No. 04/2022 : Common criteria for lateral entry to Allied Health Sciences for state sector
16 Commission Circular No. 03/2022 : Refund of Universities Provident Fund (UPF) and Universities Pension Fund Contributions (UPS)
17 Commission Circular No. 02/2022 : Provision of a monthly allowance of Rs. 5000/- to employees in commercial corporations, statutory boards and government owned companies
18 Commission Circular No. 01/2022 : Stock Verification Procedure in the University Libraries