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Calling applications for UGC – Queensland University of Technology, Australia (QUT) Joint/Split PhD Scholarships programme 2022

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), an Australian University, is affiliating with the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka to support higher degree research (HDR) programs and research training of Sri Lankan early to mid-career researchers. In this arrangement, it is anticipated that joint research efforts including a collaborative cohort model of doctoral supervision, research training, and shared supervision with local academic supervisors of Sri Lankan Universities will take place.

QUT supports a cohort model of doctoral supervision, whereby 10-12 candidates of different disciplines from Sri Lankan Universities undertake a minimum of 12 months of their doctoral studies on campus at QUT.

There are two models of UGC-QUT Scholarship schemes as follows;

Joint PhD Model

  • QUT-UGC collaborative PhD programs include the joint PhD model initiated in partnership with the University of Colombo (CMB), University of Peradeniya (PDN) and University of Sri Jayewardenepura (SJP).
  • Joint PhD students will be co-supervised by two QUT academics, one academic from CMB, PDN or SJP, and another academic from the candidate’s home University if applicable.

Split/External PhD Model

  • Split PhD students will have two QUT academic supervisors and a local supervisor from any University within the purview of UGC. Split PhD students should obtain written approval of their release from all academic and administrative duties for the duration of their PhD degree.
Joint PhD
  • Students must enroll and meet the entry requirements at both QUT and the local Sri Lankan partner university.
  • Students have two supervisory teams – one at each university.
  • One thesis is produced which must meet the course requirements of both universities.
  • The thesis is examined at each university. On completion, the student is awarded a joint degree from both universities.
  • Two testamurs are awarded, each recognizing the joint program.
Split PhD
  • Students enroll at QUT only and do not enroll at the local Sri Lankan partner university.
  • QUT provides supervisory support throughout the candidature and the partner university provides supervision and project support while the student is based in Sri Lanka.
  • Students produce one thesis which meets QUT course requirements and is examined at QUT.
  • On completion, the student is awarded a single QUT degree and testamur that recognizes the research was undertaken in collaboration with the partner university.

The UGC will provide financial support to Sri Lankan candidates from Sri Lankan University System who meet UGC and QUT eligibility requirements to cover expenses while they attend and undertake research at QUT for one year. This support includes a living allowance, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and associated incidental costs as required as per the UGC guidelines. Maximum Grant limit is Rs. 3.5 Mn per candidate for 03 Years. (Airfare will not be covered by UGC.)

QUT will provide a full tuition fee sponsorship (valued at approximately AUD100, 000) for the duration of the PhD candidature (up to three years).

QUT’s PhD application process is outlined on the QUT - How to apply ( webpage. There are six steps with UGC applicants to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) applications to QUT by 28 February 2022.

The application process involves following three successive stages:

  1. Registration at an appropriate local university as a doctoral student in line with the requirements of the doctoral programme, i.e. Joint or split, and identification of a research active co-supervisor. Prior registration as a doctoral student at a suitable local university is a pre-requisite to apply for support from the UGC and QUT.
  2. Application for partial funding from UGC (Maximum up to Rs. 3.5 million), if required.
  3. Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) application to QUT by 28 February 2022. (Please send a Copy to UGC along with your Application for UGC – QUT Joint/Split PhD Scholarships programme 2022).

Please find following documents as attached.

  1. Brochure on Collaborative Cohort PhDs at QUT
  2. Guidelines for UGC Postgraduate Grant Schemes
  3. Application for UGC – QUT Joint/Split PhD Scholarships programme 2022
  4. Project Proposal
  5. Work plan

Applicants should follow the Guidelines for UGC Postgraduate Grant Schemes and submit their duly filled application along with the Project Proposal, work plan & Expression of Interest (EOI) application to the Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission, No 20, Ward Place, Colombo 07 through proper Channel. Please email advanced copies of said documents to .

Closing Date of Application for UGC – QUT Joint/Split PhD Scholarships programme 2022 is 25th February 2022.

Successful candidates should enter into an Agreement and sign a Surety bond with the Higher Education institution which he/she is employed.


QUT Individual Student Agreement (Part B)
Joint/Split PhD programs are collaborative and involve supervision and project support from the Sri Lankan partner university, therefore it is requisite to ensure that this support is available before QUT finalizes the QUT admission application. Therefore QUT needs the Agreement to be completed and signed by all parties before QUT can issue an unconditional QUT PhD admission offer to successful applicants.
Therefore, once an applicant has identified suitable QUT and Sri Lankan supervisors, please complete and sign the Part B Individual Student Agreement and submit this to for QUT approval.

Vice Chairman
University Grants Commission